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I have been refining my process for over a decade and would love to save you some time and effort by showing you exactly how I paint fur with acrylic paint. If you have been looking for a detailed, step-by-step explanation about the process behind the way I work, then this is exactly where you need to be. 


If you are an artist that loves to create realistic art, that is looking to take your skills to the next level then this is the perfect tutorial for you! I am thrilled to be sharing my processes of how I paint feathers in this 1hr 27min video and Ebook.

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This tutorial will help you overcome so many issues with realistic painting that it could even make it look easy! I will be taking a close up look at layering, glazing, trouble shooting, colour mixing, brush work and more. This could be the break through you have been needing to give your skillset and techniques the next step up.


I’m a beginner, will this tutorial be good for me?

This tutorial has been created for everyone! However, the way I work requires patience, persistence and a bit of determination to push through to the final layers. If you are excited by the idea of painting realistically, but have never done it before, this tutorial will break down the process for you and hopefully help you understand acrylic painting better as a whole.

I paint in oils, will this tutorial help me?

Yes! The techniques I have been using originally come from the oil painting world. The main difference between doing this tutorial with acrylic or oils is the drying time between layers (and the materials you would be using). The glazing and layering process is perfect for those working with oil paint too.

If I need your help, can I contact you?

You sure can, it is best to send me an email with all your questions and I will respond as soon and as detailed as I can.

Why does this tutorial only cover brown fur?

This tutorial is focussed on my most used colour palette, and is a foundational study that you will be able to take so much further into your own practice. I’m not teaching you to copy me, I’m teaching you the essential skills that you will be able to take and transform into your own creative language.

Is the painting done in real time or in time-lapse?

There is a bit of both in the video. I have cut down over 20 hours of painting into 1 hour 15 minutes, focusing on the most important aspects of the work. The beginning is significantly slower than the end, and by the time we are repeating processes, everything will be summarised. However, even though I may condense the process, every layer is shown in the video.

What device can I view the video on?

This video and ebook can be viewed on any device, however, you will need to do a bit of research to find out what software you require to watch an MP4 file first. Please download the PDF to your laptop or computer for the best results - once you have downloaded the PDF you will be able to move it between your devices as per usual.

Can I paint along with the video?

I recommend watching the tutorial through from start to finish before starting your painting. Then once you have an idea of what to expect, you can play and pause the video while working on your own art work.