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My Studio

Welcome to my studio catalogue. I have created an easy to access list of my favourite, most used items in my studio. The links to where you can buy them are part of each image, so simply click on the item you want more information on, and you will be directed to where I bought it from.


I have separated my gear into categories. Simply click on the category, or scroll down. If you would like me to add anything to this catalogue that you have seen in my social media posts, please let me know.

Studio Equipment

These are my larger studio items that are an integral part of my studio organisation and functionality.

Camera Gear

Studio Lighting

Oil Paints 

Why I use Miameri Puro Oil paints. Traditionally, oil paint is very thick, and I found myself constantly adding medium to make the paint more workable. Maimeri Puro are a pure pigment paint, with highest standard of lightfast quality, and are not extremely thick to work with. This means I use less medium - often non at all - and am able to paint without much fuss. A great paint to use. I highly recommend it. Here is a collection of my most commonly used colours. To find more colours please click on the swatches (individual colour links arnt working fo some reason sorry), but for more information on the brand, please click on the enlarged paint tube.