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Skin to Skin

Skin to Skin


Skin to Skin

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76cm x 101cm

Oil on Linen


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This piece has tested my creativity and understanding of form and light. I wanted to create a beautiful painting that was more than what could be captured in a photograph. Tip toeing into surrealism, these horses depict the way I feel about self image, social perception and association. Can you still love the beauty of the horse even though you hate snakes? Can we still appreciate the grace and agility of the creature even if it is associated with bulky beasts? Or can we let go of preconceived ideas and just take in what we see? I am not trying to create a painting that is loved by everyone that sees it, but a painting that holds the viewer for that tiny bit longer. Wildlife art has a gap in it, where it can go beyond what can be captured in a photo. This piece is my next step in exploring that gap. 

This painting is available as an original only. No prints will be made of this painting.