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Oil on Linen

110cm x 130cm

Shipped framed and ready to hang

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"Envision" is the first piece in an ongoing fascination I have with a monochromatic themed series. 

White on white was always going to have a bridal undertone, and I love this.


It is a portrait of a white horse entangle in white fabric. The fabric is in part created from bridal veils, creating a subtle narrative to the painting. The mane was created to flow, as if in motion but also like stuck between worlds of fantasy and reality. The painting is monochromatic, focussing on a white-on-white theme. The subtle changes to the tones through out the painting vary from pink, the gold to purple, gently creating an atmosphere of feminine delicacy. There are undertones of jarring and incorrect elements though, which give a subtle tension to the painting - shadows which are not quite right, fabric that is curling too tightly around the body, tension in the posture. 


All the elements to this painting were created intentionally to generate curiosity and a sense of overall beauty. When picked apart though, the painting quickly starts to appear panicked and misunderstood. It is the artists interpretation that this feels like the overall discovery of a woman entering the role of wife and mother. From a few steps away, it is beautiful and harmonious. However, when picked apart and read into deeply, the anxiety starts to surface. 


This painting was created with oil on linen, from many different reference images. The elements I needed to bring together to create this painting were so diverse that I needed to generate the image first with AI to see if it was possible, before I began putting it all together as I created it.