An Artist's Guide to Painting Realistic Fur

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Full Bundle: Video and Ebook Package


Video Only Package


What I cover in the video tutorial and Ebook

I will discuss in detail the following aspects of how I work:


  • How to glaze with acrylic

  • The order of layers

  • How to achieve depth in fur

  • How to highlight black fur

  • Best brush care practices

  • How I work with Wetting Agent

  • How I mix my colours and prepare my palette - along with a colour recipe PDF for quick reference

  • How to get the right consistency in your paint

  • How to alter the colour palette to suit your specific needs

  • How to decide when to stop/ when the painting is complete

  • Several trouble shooting tips to help you get the best result possible in your work

  • How to paint the following types of fur:

  • Flat fur

  • Thick long fur

  • Short fur

  • Fur on curved surfaces

  • Densely packed fur

  • Fine, soft fur