Chapter Two: An Invitation

Chapter Two: An Invitation


The Uninvited 

Chapter Two: An Invitation


Acrylic on Linen

107cm x 91cm (42" x 36")

Shipped framed and ready to hang.


Along with the narrative of this piece, I started to see some things developing that I didn’t expect... the more time I spent on this the more my interpretation of the piece opened up. Above all, this painting needed to be beautiful to look at. But adding layers to it created so much more room for personal interpretation.


My guest has turned out to be quite the handful. There was a moment where, after eating every crumb in front of him, he suddenly took note of my presence, to relieve me of what I had left on my plate. I am thrilled that my setup had given him so much entertainment, however, I can’t help but feel as though I didn’t think this one through properly. I don’t think Im ever going to find his tea cup either. 


"Overall, I was very pleased to be invited to this place. I still don’t know what it was, but found everything very interesting. Such a curious assortment of shapes and liquids. If anyone is lucky enough to try the place out, I highly recommend the bits that you can eat, I think the human called them scones. The other things that human tried to give me were too strange for me to comment on. "

Artist Notes: Here I have explored a mismatch of expectations once again. In this piece I am concerned with the uneducated preparation of the food and drink for her guest. The inappropriate tea set, scones, jam and cream comments on just how wrong our assumptions can be. Our best may not be their best... However, despite it all, our guest has still gotten something fulfilling out of the grossly negligent tea party and devoured every last crumb of the scones prepared. The fact that the chimp did not need the jam or cream for his meal - rather obviously showing disregard for the condiments - eludes to the fact that we over complicate things, and that maybe enjoying some simplicity can bring us and others real joy.


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