Chapter One: Royalty

Chapter One: Royalty





100cm x 75cm


Authenticity package included

Custom made dry bag 

Shipping included


Chapter One: 




All my excitement provided me with a false sense of confidence. This lead me to think that inviting the king would be a great way to begin my series. As the night wore on and my guest’s chair remained empty, I began to question my approach. As minutes became hours, and one glass of wine became a bottle, I decided that perhaps I should chose a guest that fits my expectations better.



“I assumed it was acceptable for me to arrive when it suited me best. However, the stain of red liquid across the table showed me that my time was not wasted spending it else where. Needless to say, the remnants of what appear to be appetisers left much to be desired. I am, and always will be, a king. Should I be invited to anything like this in the future I expect that my reception will be better suited to my status. Severely Unimpressed.” - The King


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