Feather Tutorial

Feather Tutorial


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Welcome to my detailed tutorial on how I paint realistic feathers with acrylic paint. This tutorial is 1.5hours of video footage, as well as  74 pages of an ebook that can be used as a quick reference guide as well as a supporting tool for your lesson. 


This tutorial is a deep look into my process where I will show you everything I have learnt about creating the perfect feathers. I will cover a huge scope of tips, techinques and principals that will not only be useful when painting feathers, but also in every other area of your practice. The aim of this tutorail is show you the thinking behind why I do certain things, rather then just making you copy exactly what I do. 


I will discuss in detail the following aspects of how I work:


  • How to glaze with acrylic

  • The order of layers

  • How to use a grid to freehand outlines

  • How to clearly define feathers without a "cartoon" result

  • How to achieve depth in feathers

  • How to highlight black feathers

  • How to get the right consistency in your paint

  • How to alter the colour palette to suit your specific needs

  • Several trouble shooting tips to help you get the best result possible in your work

  • How to paint white tones without using pure white

  • How to work with transparent pigments

  • How to paint the following types of feathers:

  • Parrot Feathers

  • Eagle Feathers

  • Owl Feathers

  • Densely packed feathers

  • Large flat shiny feathers

  • Soft fluffy down hairs




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