Eyes and Expression

Eyes and Expression

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This tutorial consists of a 46minute detailed video tutorial that describes how I create realistic expression in my wildlife paintings. It comes with an ebook that is a summary of everything I teach in the video. There are two videos to choose from; one WITH and one WITHOUT subtitles.


The ebook is the file that you can download first, which contains the instructions, link and password to the video and reference photo files on WeTransfer. 




Over the years I have found a way to create true, life like expression in my work. This tutorial is where I will teach you all the techniques I use when I want to manipulate an expression into something that is not in the reference photo. By doing this, I will empower you with the ability to work independently from your  photos, and to recognise where you can alter the eyes in order to make the emotion and intensity of expression in your subjects more alive. 


It is my hope that by the end of this tutorial, you will have the ability to change any expression into something more life like, or unique to your artistic vision in a realistic way.


I use acrylic paint for this tutorial, however, you can also apply all the principals I use here with oil paint as well. 




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