Chapter Four: Delicate Gift

Chapter Four: Delicate Gift


"Delicate Gift"

Acrylic on Linen

120cm x 100cm


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This piece is chapter 4 in the series "The Uninvited", and was created to stand alone as a feature painting, without too many ties to a dinner setting. I became interested in the tough strength of thr rhino, mixed with its gentle and surprisingly loving nature. This is where the introduction of flowers into this portrait became the delicate touch I was looking for. 


The narrative that carries this piece along side the series is as follows:


Despite all his efforts, our rhino was unable to carry the Hostess Gift all the way without trouble. By the time he arrived for dinner, the bouquet was destroyed, and he couldn't help but feel bashful about the failed attempt to impress. 


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Thank you so much 


Carla Grace


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