Chapter Three: Uncouth

Chapter Three: Uncouth



Acrylic on Linen

120cm x 100cm


Shipped ready to hang with full insurance. 


The story:


Our hostess was excited to see her guests and hoped she had figured out a more appropriate meal (unlike last time). An orange and rosemary crown lamb roast was sure to impress! However, she was devastated when, after a violent and alarming amount of noise, she discovered her guests had arrived early. Not only were they eating the raw roast before she had a chance to prepare it, but they were not impressed by her company. Once again, our hostess is left feeling like she in in over her head and may need to reassess her dinner plans for her next guest - who she is hoping had more manners than her current ones. 


From the artist:


This piece was a huge undertaking, combining all the different elements together to form a cohesive and believable scene involved more creative thinking than I've ever used before. I photographed every part of the painting both separately and together, it was a challenging thing explaining what I was going to use the costly crown roast for to the butcher! The tigers were found seperately and put together from multiple different images. I changed their expressions to match our story, and added parts to their bodies that weren't in the core photos. All up, this painting took around 2 months to complete, and I am thrilled with the final result. 


I chose the wine specifically for its beautiful label and incredible taste. Grant Burge Wines is a South Australian brand that is known for its premium vintage wines. This bottle in particular, the 2012 Mishach, came highly recommended. I personally have not tasted the wine, and regret to say that I won't be as the bottle used in this painting will be sent along with the artwork to its new collectors. It is my hope that they will enjoy a glass of this wine in celebration of their new Carla Grace painting. 


If you are intereste in this artwork, and finding out more about it, please fill in the contact form below and I will be in touch as soon as I can with all the answers you need. 


Thank you so much 


Carla Grace


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