Chapter Five: Sibling Shenanigans

Chapter Five: Sibling Shenanigans


"Sibling Shenanigans"

Acrylic on Linen

110cm x 150cm



This piece has been the most detailed and involved painting I have done to date. I am thrilled to see it come together as well as it has. It is chapter 5 in my signature series "The Uninvited" and is dedicated to the fun and interactive family dynamics of a lively house hold. 


The Story:


From my vantage point, I watched with amusement as my five guests made themselves at home. Before I could offer any snacks though, their polite curiosity turned into games that resulted in a basic destruction of my dining room. I didn't mind though, as they seemed to be less concerned with propriety as they were with one another. I will wait until the excitement calms down before offering the entrée.


This painting was created with the generous gifting of a reference photo taken by Alexandre and Chloe Bess


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