A Mother's Crown

A Mother's Crown




"A Mother's Crown"

Acrylic on Panel

100cm x 75cm


Shipping included 


When I photographed this elephant in Tanzania, 2018, I was moved by her grace and her presence around her calf. She kept a watchful eye on her young one as well as on us, and kept sweeping her trunk over her calf to keep tabs on it. It was a quiet day, it had rained in the night so there was a beautiful cleanliness about the air that made everything seem still.


This painting is dedicated to everyone who has achieved something that they carry in their deepest heart of hearts. Something that society takes for granted, but that was something that redefined who they are.


For me, this something was becoming a mother - which is why I feel a connection with this painting so intensely. I wanted to be a mom so badly, but the journey to get there was harder then anything I could have ever imagined. After everything it took to bring Emily into this world, I gained a new appreciation for who I am and what I can put myself through to get where I want to get. My admiration for the parental figure - or any human that has been through hell to achieve something that is easy to take for granted - is something I cannot express in words. The crown of any achievement is not the achievement itself, it's the heart that endured the tests and the hardship to get to the finish line. I wanted to paint this elephant without her calf because I believe that "A Mother's Crown" is the mother herself, and we all deserve a crown!


NOTE: This is not just for the mothers... this is to the fathers out there too. You have had to adapt to becoming a parent in a matter of seconds and I admire each and every one of you for that. You didn't have the 9 months to prepare yourself emotionally, to feel the child, to connect with it... you had that all in one moment when you held your baby for the first time. This is for you too. 


Please fill out the contact form if you have any questions about this painting, or just want to share your experience. 


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