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Geoff Brooks

The Monarto Zoo is the largest zoo in the world, and differs dramatically from the standard zoo template in significant ways. This zoo, located in Adelaide, South Australia, is an open-plan zoo, allowing the animals to roam free within the 1,500 hectares (3,700 acres), with plans in motion to add yet more land to the animal's lives. The zoo creates an experience for guests rather then a purely educational display of the animals. The carnivorous animals are kept in a separate space of the zoo for obvious reasons, but are still allowed a massive amount of roaming space, which allows them the room for extensive running and play.

Geoff Brooks is one of the keepers at the zoo, and works closely with the white rhinos who call Monarto home. He is also a keen photographer, and so is able to capture the animals in the most intimate and delicate moments of their days.

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Geoff for my solo exhibit in Adelaide, July 2019, where I focused the entire content of the show to showcase the animals found in the Monarto and Adelaide Zoo.

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