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What's the Deal With Modern Art?

I have come across many different opinions in the few short years I have been an artist, and to be honest, each and every one goes way over my head. But the most common statement I think most of us can relate to when it comes to contemporary art is "WTF?!"

Art by Hikari Shimoda

As an artist, I strive for personal excellence. I put everything I am into the work I create and hope by the time it comes to completion, it looks like something worth admiring. Although my style has leaned more toward photorealistic drawings of wild life or portraits, I love and admire works that allow the process to show through the image. I desperately want to free my style of painting and loosen the lines I use to confine the ideal of what I am drawing! I want beauty in my world. I want people who look at the work I create to understand it and breath a sigh of relief when they love what their eyes are taking in. The last thing I want to hear from a client or a viewer is "WTF?!".

So when I came across this video by renowned artist Robert Florczak for Prager University called "Why is Modern Art so Bad?", I felt a tingle of excitement and anticipation as I started to hope that a turn in the tides for the contemporary and academic art world is within our grasps. View the video below and let me know what you think.

Is there a chance modern artists could feel the call to visual excellence above complex layers of theory surrounding their work? This is not the exclusion of expression, nor the diminishing of it, but a change in the standard of presentation.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Much love

xx Carla Grace

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