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4 Essential Sites to Keep Track of: Back to Basics

Keeping up with all the what’s-happening around the place is rather overwhelming... BUT here are 4 sites that I would be lost without! The sites I have linked below are Australian specific, but gives you an idea of what to look for in your country (except for number 1 and 4, these ones are global and are awesome!).

1. Professional Artist Mag.

This Art Magazine is everything I have every needed for keeping up-to-date and covers all current contemporary art from business chats to exhibits and personal testimonials. It is an American issue, but I have founbd it relevant to everything I do.

2. An Art Law Centre.

Every country will have slightly different art law policies compared to another country. Find your government art law hub and keep an eye on it! It will have every bit of information that you will need while conducting your professional art career - even for your hobby.

3. Art News Hub

Finding a site that covers whats going on will keep you involved in the discussions happening in the art world around you. This will also list all the upcoming and current exhibits and shows.

4. A Calendar that Lists Competitions

Keeping a calendar that lists all the competitions national and internationally is so handy for finding competitions that you could create work for.

Hope this Helps!!

Much Love

xx Carla Grace

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