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Family Shenanigans
Delicate Gift
The Invitation Acrylic on linen
Bald Eagle commission
Lion Portrait Commission
A Mother's Crown
Golden Years
Blue Tease
A Lover's Meeting
"Living the Dream"
"News on the Wire"
Where the Light Touches
Grumpy Old Man of the Sea
Black Cockatoo
Beautiful King
Those That Remain
The Big Start
Golden Mornings
"Excuse Me?"
When I See More
Heart for a Chestnut
"Majesty" Big Horned Ram
Albino Fallow Deer
Sweet Life
Kookaburra - Sold
The Rendition - SOLD
Ravish - SOLD
Rogue - SOLD
Awake - SOLD
Inuka - SOLD
Dancer 3 - SOLD
Dancer 2 - SOLD
Dancer 1 - SOLD
Oil on canvas - SOLD
Oil on canvas - SOLD
colour pencil on bristol board
colour pencil on bristol board
colour pencil on bristol board
Oil on Linen - SOLD
The Bear - Sold
Alfred the Giraffe - SOLD
Omega - For Sale
Leopard Spots - SOLD
Cuban Cigar - SOLD
Stalker - Sold
Hector - Sold
Whale Shark - Sold
Under The Waves - Sold
Oil on linen - SOLD
Grey Wolf - Sold