An Artist's Guide to Painting Realistic Feathers

About This Tutorial

If you are an artist that loves to create realistic art, that is looking to take your skills to the next level then this is the perfect tutorial for you! I am thrilled to be sharing my processes of how I paint feathers in this 1hr 27min video and Ebook. This tutorial will help you overcome so many issues with realistic painting that it could even make it look easy! I will be taking a close up look at layering, glazing, feather structure, colour mixing, brush work and more. This could be the break through you have been needing to give your skillset and techniques the next step up. I have been refining my process for over a decade and would love to save you some time and effort by showing you exactly how I paint feathers with acrylic paint. If you have been looking for a detailed, step by step explanation about the process behind the way I work, then this is exactly where you need to be. Please download the PDF to your laptop or computer for the best results - once you have downloaded the PDF you will be able to move it between your devices as per usual.

What is Included

Unlike the Realistic Fur tutorial, the Feather tutorail is not broken up into Ebook or Video options. The Ebook is made to support and add to the video tutorial, and so cannot be seperated. It comes with 1hr 27mins of footage, Ebook: An Artist's Guide to Realistic Feathers, the reference photos used for the painting and a high resolution image of the finished painting for you to work from. To download the full, HD video, you will be given a link and password in a PDF document which you can simply click on. This link will take you to a WeTransfer page where you will need to enter the password in order to start the download process.

List of Materials Needed for this Tutorial

Small palette knife - I use a small one for mixing paints because the larger the palette knife, the more spread out your mixed colours will become on the palette while you work. I like to keep them together as much as I can to save them from drying out too much. Masterson palette (with sponge and papers) - This palette is the only way I have found that keeps my paints wet for days while I work. To see further instruction on how to use this palette please view the tutorial I created for it: Easel - or support for the painting. I like to work with the painting raised rather than flat, however, you can chose whatever works for you in this area. Small air tight containers - to put bulk mixed paints - I will always store larger quantities of the main colours that I use in tiny air tight containers in order to keep colour mixes consistent. Chalk pastel pencils - for outlining. Chalk pastel pencils are amazing for doing outlines as they can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth if any errors are made or you just want to erase the lines. Wetting agent by Golden - (More information will be given on this medium in the tutorial, however, if you would like to find out more, please follow the link below: Paper towels Brushes - size 0 round (at least four of them, possibly more, I used 8) and size 4 Filbert I use Neef 95 Round 0 and Princeton 6300FB Filbert 4, however, the main characteristic of these brushes are that they are a good quality stiff synthetic brush. Jar for water Panel/canvas/linen At least 8” x 8” (bigger is fine, smaller will be really hard to work with for this tutorial). Your support must be primed. If you are using a panel, please see the tutorial in my video page on how to prepare wooden panel Acrylic paint: I recommend using Heavy Body (or structure acrylic) paint with fluid titanium white. When mixing the paints, I will mix them to the point where they are generally similar to Fluid Acrylic in consistency. So if you have fluid paints instead of heavy body acrylics don’t worry, this is fine. I like to use the Heavy Body acrylics as I enjoy having the control over the consistency. However, it is not necessary. Paint Colours: Titanium White Paynes Grey Burnt Umber Raw Umber Raw Sienna Yellow Ochre Hansa Yellow Cadmium Yellow Light Benzi yellow Nickel Azo Yellow Pthalo Blue (Red Shade) Pthalo Blue (Green Shade) Prussian blue Anthraq Blue Teal Ultramarine Blue Alizarin Crimson

How it works

The full HD video and reference photos are stored on my WeTransfer account so that it is easy for you to download. The PDF file that you purchase through my website store contains the Ebook which has the link and password to access the downloadable video and photos. I recommend that you download the video onto either a laptop or PC, using software that will allow the download of an MP4 file. The file size is 3.9GB - If you are unable to download a file this size, please email me with your purchase number and the maximum size you are able to download, and I will make a file that size specifically for you. Number of downloads per person is limited to 2. The password for the downloads will be changed every 7 - 14 days or if I notice the downloads are being missused. Please download the PDF to your laptop or computer for the best results - once you have downloaded the PDF you will be able to move it between your devices as per usual.

What I cover in the video tutorial and Ebook

I will discuss in detail the following aspects of how I work: How to glaze with acrylic The order of layers How to use a grid to freehand outlines How to clearly define feathers without a "cartoon" result How to achieve depth in feathers How to highlight black feathers How to get the right consistency in your paint How to alter the colour palette to suit your specific needs Several trouble shooting tips to help you get the best result possible in your work How to paint white tones without using pure white How to work with transparent pigments How to paint the following types of feathers: Parrot Feathers Eagle Feathers Owl Feathers Densely packed feathers Large flat shiny feathers Soft fluffy down hairs

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I’m a beginner, will this tutorial be good for me?

This tutorial has been created for everyone! However, the way I work requires patience, persistence and a bit of determination to push through to the final layers. If you are excited by the idea of painting realistically, but have never done it before, this tutorial will break down the process for you and hopefully help you understand acrylic painting better as a whole.

I paint in oils, will this tutorial help me?

Yes! The techniques I have been using originally come from the oil painting world. The main difference between doing this tutorial with acrylic or oils is the drying time between layers (and the materials you would be using). The glazing and layering process is perfect for those working with oil paint too.

If I need your help, can I contact you?

You sure can, it is best to send me an email with all your questions and I will respond as soon and as detailed as I can.

Is the painting done in real time or in time-lapse?

There is a bit of both in the video. I have cut down over 20 hours of painting into 1 hour 15 minutes, focusing on the most important aspects of the work. The beginning is significantly slower than the end, and by the time we are repeating processes, everything will be summarised. However, even though I may condense the process, every layer is shown in the video.

What device can I view the video on?

This video and ebook can be viewed on any device, however, you will need to do a bit of research to find out what software you require to watch an MP4 file first. Please download the PDF to your laptop or computer for the best results - once you have downloaded the PDF you will be able to move it between your devices as per usual.

Can I paint along with the video?

I recommend watching the tutorial through from start to finish before starting your painting. Then once you have an idea of what to expect, you can play and pause the video while working on your own art work.